Lauren Makk Shares Festive Ideas for Halloween with Tips On TV

Lauren Makk on Halloween Tricks and Treats

Tips and Tricks for Safely Celebrating Halloween with Inspiration from a Top TV Design Star

Halloween is coming and will be different than any other. TV design star Lauren Makk shared some ideas for making this year a memorable celebration.


While this year may be different, the key is to make it special and memorable. A go-to treat is always cheese, but not just any cheese - Wisconsin Cheese! Wisconsin is the State of Cheese, and they win more awards for cheese than anywhere else in the world. They are the only state that requires a license to make cheese. Look for the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge on packaging nationwide. It is a proven winner. Try the Harvest Pumpkin Cheeseboard recipe prepared with some fontina and swiss. Fill it in with a parmesan snack mix, salami, and pecans for something the entire family will enjoy. Also, try the Asiago Bat Crackers and Mini Pumpkin Cheese Balls. Check out all these recipes at   


For adults, it is all about the beverages. Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum takes the flavors of the signature Original Spiced Rum and fuses it with the deliciously juicy and crisp taste of fresh-cut apples and subtle hints of ginger. It is best enjoyed as a chilled shot with a little lemon juice or a fresh slice of lemon or in a refreshing Apple Mule cocktail, both perfect for a Halloween gathering. It is available in liquor stores nationwide for under $16. Please remember to always drink responsibly. For more information,


Make sure those who are staying home are having just as much fun as those who chose to go out. Edible's new gourmet, handmade, chocolate-dipped products only use high-quality ingredients to create the ultimate indulgence. The Double Chocolate and Fruit Dessert Platter includes: hand-dipped salted pretzels, chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, Peanut Butter Buckets and chocolate drenched toffee in the center. Edible also offers this Spooky Sweet Cookie Bundle, which includes cake-shaped pineapple bites dipped in white chocolate, then decorated to look like a mummy or a gruesome zombie eye. The spooky treats come with a box of 24 freshly baked assorted cookies. It is fun, different, and can be enjoyed completely inside. For more information, visit


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